Rescind the “Ban from Civil Service” for Michael Csaszkóczy! Prevent the Reanimation of German McCarthyism!
The Ban is aimed at All of Us!

Since the beginning of 2004 the State of Baden-Württemberg has, for political reasons, refused to hire the Heidelberg high school teacher Michael Csaszkóczy for its teaching staff. Csaszkóczy has been under surveillance by the “Office for the Defense of the Constitution”(so to speak “Bureau of Anti-German Activities”) for over 12 years. The decisive factor for the “Ban from Civil Service” was his refusal to dissociate himself from his membership in the Antifascism Initiative Heidelberg.

Thus, the unconstitutional practice of the “Ban” during the 1970’s has now been reanimated. We are protesting against government spying and intimidation, which is potentially directed against ALL emancipatory and politically inconvenient endeavors. We insist that Michael Csaszkóczy be hired and demand that the ‘legal’ basis for the “Ban from Civil Service” be rescinded.

Rescind the undemocratic “Ban from Civil Service”!

Defend Civil Liberties!

Demonstration on October 23, 2004 in Heidelberg at the Bauhaus,
beginning at 1 pm.

This Appeal is supported by:
(as of September 09, 2004)

Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy; National Board of Rote Hilfe. e.V.; Contraste (Magazine for Self-Organization); National Organization VVN-BdA(Organization of those Persecuted by the Nazi Regime – Alliance of Antifascists); International League for Human Rights (German Section)

German Society for Peace – United Conscientious Objectors (Baden-Württemberg Section); ver.di Union Department for Education, Science and Research (Section Heidelberg-Buchen); State Student Union, Baden-Württemberg; Organization of those Persecuted by the Nazi Regime – Alliance of Antifascists (State Organization Baden-Württemberg); German Communist Party, Baden-Württemberg

Committee of Solidarity Against “Ban from Civil Service”; Antifascist Group, Worms; Antifascists Neckar-Odenwald / Keine Lichterketten; Infotelefon Garfield; Initiativ e.V. (Duisburg); JANE (Antifascist Youth Group, Neckartal); Antifascist Group Landau; rak (Red Antifascist Group, Karlsruhe); Antifascist Initiative Heidelberg; Autonomous Antifascist Group Ludwigsburg; Antifascist Group Freiburg; German Communist Party Heidelberg; German Freethinker-Association Heidelberg; Autonomes Zentrum im Exil (Heidelberg); Rote Hilfe Section Heidelberg; Peace Initiative Wiesloch; Arbeitskreis Freundliches Schwetzingen – Club for Regional Contemporary History; Union Education and Science Section Rhein-Neckar / Heidelberg; Youth Group Union Education and Science Bergstrase County; Autonmous Antifascist Group [f] Union Education and Science Erlangen Nürnberg; Antifascist Action Group Mainz / Bingen; Gruppe.Internationale.Webteam (Berlin); Young Socialists (Gotha); True Federation (Star Trek Fan Club); Student Union Karlsruhe University; Hilden Antifascist Initiative; Initiative United Against Neo-Nazis (Flensburg)

Peter Gingold (National Speaker VVN-BdA , Deputy Chairman of the Auschwitz Committee); Hartmut Drewes (minister, ret., Bremen); Erich Schaffner (actor, Mörfelden); Angelika Wahl (teacher – Stadtverbindungslehrerin, Frankfurt); Markus Widera (Union Education and Science – Intermediary Agent and Speaker party of Democratic Socialists Offenburg / Ortenau); Gottfried Gruner (County Chairman Union Education and Science Nordschwarzwald); Peter Kühn (Chairpersons Team Union Education and Science Südhessen); Dr. Rolf Gössner (lawyer / publicist, President of the International League for Human Rights, Berlin); Heiko Gosch(Member Executive Board of Union Education and Science, Frankfurt); Tobias Pflüger (Independent Member of the Leftist Coalition in the European Parliament)